Art Education

Welcome to ELBS! This month we will highlight Art Education within our school — also known as Art on a Cart!

The goal of art education is to focus on individual talents, abilities and interests of our students.  Communication, whether it is verbal or through a simple or sophisticated device, is key in our art process.

The next step, a collaborative art experience, encourages sharing, patience, communication and the sense of accomplishing objectives as a team.

1:1 time with selected students provides the opportunity to develop art at his/her pace. Students’ artwork finds itself in various shows, including the Barber National Institute Art show that will be held in April; shows at the Women’s Club of Erie and the Kennedy Center for Very Special Arts; as well as in calendars and on the walls of our own school and offices.

We have great fun in art class hearing what our students have to say:

“I just love everything about it! I like to be creative!”

Sam J.

“I like art with Mr. Dave because I think that he does cool art and I’m a good artist and he helps my artist skills.”

Logan Z.

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